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Delta Thailand President Message: Your Determination Leads to Delta’s Success

By Delta Electronics (Thailand) PCL. - Published November 20, 2022

Dear DET Family,

Thank you all for another great year together. Since coming to Delta Thailand, I believe we have made many important steps to make our Delta a more sustainable company where we all can continue working, keep growing our business and make it a better workplace.

One of the year's highlights for me is the annual long-service award that honors our veterans who have dedicated years of their lives at Delta. This year our theme is: Your Determination Leads to Success at Delta.

In this Town Hall talk, I would like to invite our veteran managers and function heads to share their thoughts on what this means to them. Let’s see what some of them had to say:

Ampai Wiwatmongkonkit

DET Logistics Supply Chain Director

“Employees have to have a growth mindset and do the right thing the first time. We need integrity and transparency in our workflow to prevent mistakes and help with problem-solving. And don’t forget the importance of team building!”Johnny Tam

Country Manager for Indonesia

”Determination needs perseverance and courage but can get you better and lasting results in the long run. Never give up!”CH Lim

DET R&D Director

“Change fast and proactively adapt to build the right skill set for your success today and in the future.”

As you can see from the comments of our Delta leaders, we like to challenge people to go beyond being just an employee or a supervisor or even a manager. I always want to help more people here to develop into leaders who can think beyond their jobs today and see what we need to do to take our company forward.

Recently, I had the opportunity to join our DET managers and BUs to meet all our partners at the Delta Industry Summit and I look forward to making these types of events a place to promote the Delta brand to new audiences and create new business value and growth.

Remember, determination and vision will drive us to never settle for anything but the best. Let’s not be constrained by any mindsets or methods but seek to look at the big picture and take the bold actions we need to create a brighter future.

Yours sincerely,

Jackie Chang


Delta Electronics (Thailand) PCL.

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