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Delta Thailand President Message: Happy Songkran and May Day 2022!

By Delta Electronics (Thailand) PCL. - Published May 18, 2022

Dear DET Family,

I would like to wish you all Happy May Day 2022! I hope you had a good rest and also enjoyed your time back home with your families during the Songkran Holidays.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, this year we are not having the traditional water pouring ceremony. However, I hope you all enjoyed the activities we were able to have like merit-making and blessing from monks from our local temple. As a Thailand company, we are proud to celebrate the rich culture and traditions of this amazing Kingdom.

May Day on May 1st is also known as International Workers' Day or Labor Day. It is a time for us to appreciate everyone’s hard work and commitment to excellence that makes Delta a successful and growing organization.

We can all take the opportunity to recognize the contributions of our teammates and show our appreciation. I want to remind each one of you that your work is important no matter if you work on the production lines, in the warehouse, in the office, in R&D labs or even on-site with our customers. Your diligence to every detail in your work is helping us to fulfill our Delta mission to provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow!

At the same time, we can all think about how to do our work better for continuous improvement. We can ask questions like:

  • How can we improve safety?
  • How can we make better quality products?
  • How can we save more energy and natural resources like water?
  • What did I do today to help us fulfill our mission?

I believe that each one of you has the potential to add value and show leadership in your own unique way.

As for management, we also need to adapt and evolve to meet the needs of today. For example, we need to continue to find ways to keep you safe during the changing pandemic situation. We follow the latest Thai government policy regarding COVID-19 prevention and I am happy to report that over 50% of our Delta people have chosen to take a 3rd dose booster shot to help protect themselves, their families and Thailand.

You may also be following the news about the different situations happening around the world and wonder how they will affect us. Of course, these issues affect us in many ways whether it means higher fuel prices or longer wait times for cars or other products. Therefore Delta management, must manage risks and make sure we can continue our work and delivery to our customers.

As many of you know, the global supply chain is facing many challenges such as material shortages and logistics issues. However, our Delta teams are doing their best to find solutions and get the parts we need to continue delivering to our customers. We appreciate everyone’s full support as we work together with our partners to overcome and continue our important work.  

Delta Thailand is already making a big impact on sustainable development. In April, we opened Thailand’s first Net Zero Container Showroom with smart, green solutions at Amata City Chonburi. We also donated an original Smart Water Level Monitoring System to help flood prevention at Bangpoo Industrial Estate where our plants are. At the same time, our ongoing projects like the Delta Angel Fund for Startups are continuing and even growing in reach and impact.

We are also providing more opportunities for you to improve at Delta. We held our first DET Presentation Skills Contest to provide an opportunity to Delta people from Thailand, Southeast Asia and Australia to improve their professional skills. I hope to hold more of these events and encourage everyone to challenge themselves to be better Delta professionals and brand ambassadors. 

Finally, I was glad to take part in our merit-making ceremony at Delta Plant 5 to mark the Songkran Festival. It was a great opportunity to experience the beautiful Thai culture and spend time with all our Delta people as we pray together for a better year in 2022.

Once again, I wish everyone at Delta a Blessed Songkran and Happy May Day!

Yours sincerely,

Jackie Chang


Delta Electronics (Thailand) PCL.

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Delta Electronics (Thailand) PCL.

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