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Foreword by the editor and the publication team

Life at Delta Gets Better With Change

We all know that change is the only constant in this world and we can make positive changes in our lives for a better life. We can help Delta grow today and in the future by embracing new ways and supporting our next-gen leaders…

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Reopening and the Road to Recovery

As the world increases vaccination rates we shift from COVID-zero to reopening and start overcoming our fears so life can go on. After a challenging year, we celebrate our successes and look forward to better days ahead…

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Through Fire and Flood

Recently, two major disasters near Delta Thailand added to the disruption of COVID-19. Despite challenges, our company culture is built on our people and crisis awareness, come fire or flood, Deltans are ready…

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What Makes a Good Employer?

Recently while going over our company’s employee benefits and benchmarking Delta’s with the local electronics manufacturing industry, I got to thinking what makes a good employer…

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The 14 Days

On a trip home to Singapore to visit family and get my vaccine jab, I had a kind of cathartic experience for 14 days of quarantine. Let me share more on this and what’s in our May 360 issue…

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360 Magazine One Year Anniversary

It’s already one year since the publication of the very first issue of our 360 magazine. This DET platform wouldn’t have been possible without the participation of YOU our Delta Family…

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The Joy of the Gifting Season is Back

Christmas decorations are already up in Bangkok. Thais are known to be joyous people who love to celebrate so let’s take a look at the art of gifting and celebrate our wins despite the challenges of this year…

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Rationalizing Sustainable Development Strategy

Our SD Manager recently presented a very convincing picture of why sustainability development (SD) is important for the company. I want to touch now on why our SD strategy isn’t just marketing and introduce this issue…

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The Not So Normal New Normal

As Thailand gradually opens up again after the COVID-19 scare, will life go back to the old norms or will we see the dawn of a better new normal for us all…

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The Year of COVID-19

2020 didn’t kick-off like what the Chinese zodiac’s year of the metal rat had predicted- good luck and prosperity for most people…

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