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Insights into Delta Thailand’s Business and Future EV Business Trends


Interview of Mr. Kittisak Ngoenngokngam, Delta  Thailand Energy Infrastructure Solution Business Development Director

On Monday, June 13, 2022, Digital Life from Spring News had the opportunity to meet Mr. Kittisak Ngoenngokngam, Delta Thailand Energy Infrastructure Solution Business Development Director, who shared Delta’s business and future energy business trends.

Established 34 years ago, Delta Thailand has stayed at the forefront of innovation driving development for a better environment in the nation and the world from 1988 to the present. Delta has continuously developed energy management of various electrical equipment.

Although most of our products are not visible to the general public or are difficult to find, our products are the internal parts and equipment that have been around since the advent of computer adapters or mobile device adapters. We also make car cooling fans and parts for tablets and mobile phones. It would be difficult to delve into all the kinds of products we produce but I recommend we look at a few of Delta’s most interesting products as follows:

  • Switching Power Supply: This is considered to be Delta’s first breakthrough product since we began in Taiwan over 50 years ago. It is an important product that is used in Thailand as well. It’s basically a device that converts alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) to provide electricity used with all kinds of electronic devices. It can be used in homes, companies, and factories as well as medical equipment. Of course, we use power supplies for all kinds of communication equipment.
  • Adapters: We use these everywhere in our daily lives. From televisions to mobile phones to computers, Delta produces power adapters for many major appliance and electronics brands. We also produce chargers under Delta’s own brand, Innergie.
  • Fans and Thermal Management: No matter what device or tool we use, everything with electrical power produces heat. So when we have heat it needs to be ventilated. Cooling fans are therefore an important part of all electronic devices. Cooling fans produced by Delta are used in both cars and electronics that are used in everyday life.
  • Networking System: This is one of the products that many people should be familiar with because it is easy to buy and commonly seen in homes, companies, or factories. Today, internet routers come with an advanced design and technology that makes it possible to use Wi-Fi faster with an Access Point (AP) that supports a large number of LAN cables while being very strong and durable.
  • Smart Surveillance Solution: This system is developed by Delta to help you better manage your business with smart surveillance cameras and video management. This enables advanced security even when there is no light. The system can capture images and recognize the faces of people even when they are wearing a mask
  • Delta Electronics Robots: Today, many factories are using more automation for precision work. Delta, therefore, produces robotic arms to support these precise tasks and do work that has a higher risk of danger to humans.

Finally, we come to Smart City Solutions where Delta has a lot of expertise, especially in the area of EVs. Our offerings in this space can be divided into two categories as follows:

  1. AC Normal Charger has both single-phase alternating current and three-phase alternating current. AC charging is suitable for homes because it can be used to charge EVs at night. When you wake up in the morning, your EV is ready to drive.
  2. DC Fast Charger which is suitable for the hustle and bustle of urban locations because it takes a short time to recharge your EV battery. Charging stations in places such as gas stations or along the motorway are being developed around the country.

Another important device of an EV is the Onboard Charger. It is a part that is inside an EV that is responsible for converting the electricity received from the AC EV charger before it enters the vehicle battery as DC electricity. It also converts electricity for use in other parts of the vehicle.

When asked about future EV business trends, Mr. Kittisak said, “Delta has been dealing with EVs for a long time. We are ready for this e-mobility transformation. With the technology that Delta has in hand now we are ready to support the public and private sectors to grow together.”

About the Author (Guest Contributor)

I joined Delta Thailand over 30 years ago and have been involved in engineering, R&D and business development. I now am Thailand Energy Infrastructure Solution Business Development Director for the Delta brand EV, ESS and PVI businesses. I enjoy discussing the latest technology with all our colleagues around the world and spending time with my family. Please contact our DET EIS team to share ideas or cooperation. 

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