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How to Tap Into the Power of LinkedIn and Sales Navigator to Boost Your Digital Sales Networking

By Benjamin Tan, DET IPS

For most of us, LinkedIn seems like a digital platform that’s only good for connecting with headhunters or recruiters. But what many people have not realized is LinkedIn is a social medial platform that allows everyone to present the professional side of themselves. It is an online space to connect with people from the same industry, or of the same profession.

You can either hard-sell by promoting your company products and services directly on LinkedIn or use the soft sell method by spicing up your profile and writing articles related to your work, or industry.

Because the 2020 Industry Summit was streamed live on LinkedIn, it was an opportunity for all your connections to know more about Delta in general. From there, it would pave the way for future discussions.

Many Delta business units including IPSBU were supporting the battle against Covid-19 via the various products and solutions, and these are stories worth sharing.

On a more personal level, for example, if you are a sales manager, you can share your own experiences in a catchy post or article such as “The Top 5 Necessary Skills for a Successful Salesperson”.

You can also re-post related technical articles from other platforms but add in your comments in the post and encourage people to add their comments too.

There are many more features and functions that LinkedIn and Sales Navigator can offer. Although I am still very much an amateur at this, I would like to show you a few simple tricks that I use to get the most out of these powerful digital sales tools.

The Search and Filter function in Sales Navigator is probably the most important tool to use.

For example, if I’m looking for medical customers, I would simply type “medical”, and use the filter to narrow down my leads, right down to the person responsible for purchasing power supplies in my target company.

I would create a list, by company name, and add all the contacts which I think are beneficial. After that, you can either drop them a message directly on Sales Navigator, or ask for them specifically via the company’s main line.

People love to share their work history and skill sets online. Very quickly even before you make that first call, you would already have a very good understanding of this person’s role and responsibilities.

Who knows, he might have studied in the same university faculty as you, or even better an ex-employee of another company you are planning to cold call.

*The above image is just an example for your reference:)

I hope just by using the above few features, our fellow Delta sales teammates can more effectively reach out to a wider group of customers.

Author Profile (Guest Contributor)

My love for travel and the great outdoors is what has brought me into regional sales. I have been in sales for almost 20 years since graduation and have never looked back since. Over the last 11 years Delta has given me the opportunities to reach out to new people from all walks of life, to share about the Delta story.

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