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Inside the Genius Mind of M.S. Taha: My R&D Musings

By M.S. Taha, Delta India R&D

Student life embodies a combination of the nostalgia of youth mixed with the trappings of campus life and collaborating with friends and peers. It’s a dream that we wouldn’t want to wake up from, but on graduation, reality jolts us out. That is unless you choose an R&D career, then the dream goes on.

My wonderful journey as an R&D engineer provided me this blessed opportunity. For an organisation that thrives in excelling in product creation, innovation and R&D is the backbone. And Delta Electronics is undoubtedly one.

Here the very best minds get together, have debates, arguments, banters and crazy ideas come to us, which are brought to fulfillment by creating innovative products.

While a pure research organisation would be far from market sensibilities, Delta Electronics enabled me and the RD team to not just be innovators but entrepreneurs.

As Steve Jobs famously told us: Our job is to figure out what they’re (customers) are going to want before they do. You don’t make an innovative and ground-breaking product by asking people what they need. You do it by identifying the problems that people want solved and creating an elegant, approachable solution.

This inquisitive spirit guides every R&D engineer to muse on what is the next best concept to dream of and create. It makes you an ever-learning student and entrepreneur.

The best and most successful organisations have their R&D team think liberally and freely. Delta Electronics is the best example of that, which has driven its continuous growth of RD teams across the globe.

The maximum profit to the company is an R&D engineer. The product needs engineering excellence at the design. Because cost in the design cannot only be covered by material buying, process improvement or selling. That makes each R&D engineers an extremely responsible entrepreneur while being a student!

What a wonderful opportunity to be enjoying the best of both worlds. You never age as an R&D engineer because you’re a permanent student. And you never stop being a student even when you become a serial entrepreneur.

Enjoy a wonderful life at DELTA R&D.


About the Author (Guest Contributor)

I joined Delta in 2009 to incubate the Power Supply R&D in India and now collaborate with multiple BU/BG RD teams to serve local & global product applications. I have put the necessary system and processes in place and built strong R&D teams with varied competence while successfully increasing the SW and FW competency. This laid a strong foundation for the software RD Department in Delta India. I am always available for any support and can be reached at ms.taha@deltaww.com

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