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Nice to Meet You Again!


Text by KK Chong and David Nakayama, DET Corp Comm

After two years of social distancing and endless Teams calls, we are now enjoying meeting our customers, partners and workmates again at in-person events.

This year, our sales teams are out showcasing our solutions at major tradeshows, our Delta Industry Summit is back and everyone is invited to join the SD Week and New Year Party at Delta.

As a company Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) are the central factors in measuring our sustainability and social impact. Strong ESG performance makes us a globally competitive business, a sustainable operation and ultimately gives us the social license to operate in Thailand.

That’s why meeting and engaging with our stakeholders and communities is so important. We also look forward to meeting you again at our company events. We encourage you to join in our activities to network, learn and share your unique contributions to Delta and society.

In this November issue, we take a look at some of our latest events and meet some of the people. In our Focus section, we meet five smart engineering interns who share their exciting experiences working at Delta plants.

In our 13th edition of the DET Voices series, we hear veterans at Delta who received the long service awards. In the On-site section, we highlight the visit by the Taiwan embassy and NTU alumni associate to our head office. In Singapore, we see the successful industrial automation tradeshow ITAP 2022 and in Australia the green energy event All Energy 2022.

In the Up Close section, we talk to our genius head of Delta Thailand Power R&D Director Mr. CH Lim, who shares his secrets for success and how the right life choice can make the difference between mediocrity and leadership.

In the Our Success section, we celebrate Delta’s entry into the 2022 THSI List for excellence in ESG and the 2022 Prime Minister’s Industry Award for Potential Business. We also get a look at the action at the Delta Future Industry Summit where our government and industry partners came together to discuss smart green energy for a sustainable future.

In our CSR section, we join our Delta volunteers who go to the Northeast to donate computers and supplies at rural schools. We also continue our support of local hospitals that serve our communities.

In the Fun section, we join a public discussion on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion held at our SD Week. We also have some fun video interviews of the winners of the Long Service and Employee Awards along with their families and workmates.

Finally, DET President Jackie Chang is joined by veteran managers who share their thoughts on how our determination leads to success at Delta Thailand in this month’s Town hall section.

About the Author (Editorial Team)

Cliché inspirational quotes make me cringe while creative ideas and people inspire me. Love food, dogs, traveling and staying healthy. Not one who is contented to be marching on the same spot for too long, I am grateful for the many opportunities given to explore and learn new things in Delta since 2004. See you on LinkedIn @ https://www.linkedin.com/in/chongkk/

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