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📣Say It Out Loud 2: What’s PRIDE Mean to You?🏳‍🌈


The month of June has come again and we see rainbow flags and Pride parades in Bangkok and other major world cities. Pride Month is celebrated around the world to recognize the LGBT community and promote awareness and action for a more diverse society.

Diversity and inclusion all start with respect for universal human rights. In its Global Business Standards, the UN recognizes that discrimination against LGBT people cannot be ended by governments alone. Businesses can foster diversity and promote a culture of respect and equality both in the workplace and in their communities.

At Delta Thailand, our Human Rights Policy clearly states our stance on equal opportunity and non-discrimination towards all regardless of gender orientation. Last year, Delta Thailand gave a voice to our LGBT community for the first time ever in the Delta Group.

This year, we are the first Delta Group company in the world to celebrate Pride Month and we give everyone the chance to speak out on video about what LGBT Pride means to them and why it’s important to feel safe, equally treated and respected as a fellow human being at work.

No matter what your background is, you can challenge yourself to listen to the voices of your colleagues without judgment and work to recognize and overcome bias. Individual opinions and freedom of thought/expression are protected in our company and are what make us human beings and members of a free society.

We commend our four brave Delta Thailand colleagues for sharing in their own words the following questions:

  1. Why are you proud to be part of the LGBT community, and what has your experience been at Delta?
  2. Thai society is more diverse, but what challenges do you think LGBT people around the world still face?
  3. Why do you think is it important to raise awareness of LGBT issues during Pride Month?
  4. How does respect and equality help make a happy workplace, and how do you think can we make diversity and inclusion our strength at Delta?
  5. What do you think companies can do to protect human rights and promote equal opportunity for all regardless of sexual orientation?
  6. What does LGBT “Pride” mean to you personally, and is there any message on diversity and inclusion you would like to share with our Delta Family?

*Please note that the views and opinions expressed in these video recordings and transcripts are solely those of the speaker and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Delta Electronics Thailand.

Chattarin Saima

We’re proud to be gay. For me, Delta is a company where there is no discrimination. I get to exercise equal rights here as a human.

Some people in parts of the world are still homophobic. We want more acceptance from society everywhere.

Because we want to be ourselves. We don’t feel we have to compete with anyone. As for being gay, it doesn’t hurt anyone so we don’t need to discriminate against anyone who is gay.

At work, we all have to help each other. We live like brothers and sisters so whatever you do, we should help each other. We can work together happily because Delta doesn’t discriminate against LGBT folks.

Some companies are still unable to accept this diversity in sexual orientation. We want these companies to be as open as Delta and other companies like ours that have gender and sexual orientation diversity.

We should all be ourselves! We can provide for our family without being ashamed about who we really are inside. We can help our brothers and sisters be confident. I want society around the world to accept more types of people including us LGBT.

Sayamon Puk-aim

I’m proud that the world is now more accepting of non-binary (gender identities that are not only male or female‍) people. And I’m glad that Delta doesn’t discriminate against those who are non-binary. We give equal importance to all.

Nowadays the LGBT community still may face some sexual harassment. This negatively impacts the mental state of non-binary people.

I’m very proud to be out because my family and my partner’s family are important to me. They are all accepting of me as a non-binary person.

Right now, Delta does not discriminate against non-binary people. We give equality to all and I would like to propose that the company set up a club for our LGBT community to meet

I want some companies to give LGBT people an opportunity to work in the workplace. Because some companies do not allow LGBT to work equally.

I am proud that we are gay. I think being gay does not cause society to suffer and we make our parents proud. And the Delta group does not discriminate against the LGBT we treat all equally.

Dogmai Pomsri

For my part as an LGBT community member, I love this way of life and I like this community. I love what you are and love the way that we live our lives openly. The Delta experience for me these many years, 10 years, is that everyone loves and gives respect to each other. We give equal rights and there is no discrimination. This is how we live our lives in Delta Thailand.

Society today, whether in this country or around the world, is still divided in many aspects. There are many groups like LGBT who are not fully accepted so I want society around the world to accept diversity.

Because we love who we are! I want people also to love what we are as well.

I don’t want a world with gender discrimination. I don’t want to discriminate. I want everyone to have equal rights. By building a strong character, I’m able to work with my friends in a non-discriminatory way. I want everyone to accept each other for who they truly are.

I want all companies to be open to the LGBT community. I want all areas to accept us and I don’t want to block LGBT people from society. It doesn’t matter what gender we are. I want to be open to all areas of life including my sexual orientation.

It is about being in love and proud of who we are inside. We would like to promote this idea by gathering our friends together to share knowledge or issues and create a friendly atmosphere where we can socialize and share ideas.

Aupawadee Kantakeaw

Because Delta provides a lot of income to all. I have lived a happy and progressive life myself.

Actually, there are a lot of people around the world with same-sex preferences but some countries still do not accept this.

Because everyone gives equally according to their ability, we should work together happily.

We don’t discriminate at Delta Thailand. We get along with everyone here.

I want the world in general to be more accepting of LGBT people.

We love ourselves and are proud to be gay. Just be yourself, even if you are a member of the LGBT community.

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  • Simon Wright says:

    Hello there!
    My name is Simon,And I work for Delta UK – Eltek
    I am also part of the LGBT community,and am very proud to be so.
    I have visited Thailand 4 times,and had a Thai partner.
    Thailand is a beautiful country,and I had a wonderful time.
    As you say,there are parts of the world where it is not safe to be
    openly gay; in time maybe this will change.
    Good luck,and much love,

    • delta360-admin says:

      Sawatdee Hi Simon!
      Thank you for sharing your experiences with everyone and being part of the discussion at Delta. We hope that more of our people feel safe and happy to be themselves at work. Cheers from the sunny “Land of Smiles” Thailand!

  • Ariya says:

    Not worry about you are. focus about what you do! fighting!!

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