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Stay Home, Stay Healthy, Stay Connected

Photos downloaded from internet captured the scene at Raffles place (left top), Universal Studios (right top), Orchard Road (left bottom), Central Business District (right bottom)

By Kiki Chen, Eltek BU Singapore

Singapore, 28 May 2020-It had been more than two months since the 7th April 2020, when the Singapore government implemented an elevated set of safe distancing measures called “Circuit Breaker”, and announced the closure of most businesses, schools, physical workplace premises for non-essential industries and services.

For the first time since Singapore’s independence, the nation is in a “paused” mode, as we can see from the empty streets. In view of the threat of COVID-19 transmission, everybody plays our part to Stay Home and Stay Safe!

Eltek BU, adhering to the government’s measures, moved to telecommuting or working from home (WFH). Meanwhile, telecommuting becomes the common norm for many of our customers and business partners. At the moment, Telecommuting might be the best solution for this period of time.

Although we are not physically in the office and it is not possible for us to have face-to-face meetings with our customers, we are still very much business as usual. By embracing technology, communications became much easier and more convenient. Apart from the usual emails or phone calls, we are using more video conference platforms such as Skype, Teams or Zoom, which brings our people together despite the physical distancing. In fact, we are getting closer to each other.

Most of our Sales, Finance, HR, Operation, Engineering, IT, Services have their internal update meetings regularly; cross functional discussions, problem solving conferences and online webinars/trainings are arranged in a timely way. All of these actions are successfully scheduled to ensure our daily operations are not impacted internally and externally.

Working from home is an alternative solution for us continue to work and keep the business running. However, not all departments are able to manage home-based working, like Operations, Logistics and Services. It is impossible for them to complete their tasks without coming to the plant. Our Management reacted quickly and submitted necessary applications to continue to operate. Fortunately, our application for “Exemption from Suspension of Business Activities” had been approved as we are supporting the Telecommunications and Data Center sectors which are considered as Essential Services.

Hence, our Operations, Logistics & Services teams were granted permission to operate, but with strict conditions in Safe Management Measures. The precautions have to put in place but not limited to:

1. Implement split team arrangements
2. Ensure clear physical spacing of at least 1 meter between persons at all times
3. Reduce physical interaction and ensure safe distancing at workplaces
4. Minimize the need for physical touchpoints
5. Conduct regular temperature screening and declarations for all onsite employees and visitors
6. Control access at the workplace
7. Wearing of masks at the workplace
8. Ensure cleanliness of workplace premises

The coronavirus COVID-19 is a global pandemic which is still developing in many parts of the world. Most of countries are still in lock down mode although some countries are slowly opening up their economy. There are many challenges we have to face but we believe we can overcome them.

We will do our best for the country – to stay home; do our best for our family – to stay healthy; and do our best for the businesses – to stay connected. Let’s be patient and ride the difficult times together as family, we will meet up and shake hands soon!

About the Author (Guest Contributor)

“Never give up” is a motto I learned from my years in Eltek. I am a marketing executive from Eltek BU, living in a beautiful garden country–Singapore! Eltek BU is a well-organized, responsible and loyal team that I’m honored to be part of. We work together to achieve our goals and targets. If you want to know more, feel free to email me.

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