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Delta Thailand President Message: Let’s Welcome the “Niu” Year of the Ox🐮


Dear DET Family,

新年快樂 Chúc Mừng Năm Mới Happy Chinese New Year and Vietnamese Tet 2021! I wish all of you and your families a Safe, Healthy, Joyful and Prosperous Year of the Ox. In fact, Chinese consider the Ox so strong that the word for the ox or cow “牛(Niu)” is now slang for anyone or anything that is awesome. Let’s all make this another super awesome or “牛牛牛” year!

So what does this Year of the Ox have in store for us? Well, I’m sure we all believe it must be better than the Year of the Rat in 2020. According to the Chinese zodiac, the Ox is known for being industrious and reliable while also honest and earnest. This actually sounds a lot like Delta!

Just like the Ox, Delta is known to be faithfully satisfying our customers as an OEM/ODM supplier in the background for decades. Most of us go on our work without needing to be the center of attention or getting constant praise. But after over 30 years, we’ve got the fruits of our hard work are now recognized by everyone in Thailand and the Delta brand is now stronger than ever in the country and the region.

Despite our achievement, Delta is still a company that prioritizes sustainable growth. In short, sustainable growth means conducting our business in legal and ethical ways that provide values for our stakeholders without damaging our environment and contributing to the well-being of our society during good and bad times. This includes the well-being of the company’s most valuable asset, YOU.

As our continuous efforts to encourage everyone in our DET family to take better care of yourself during the pandemic, DET’s ER team has recently rolled out two new programs, namely, My Goal and My Club. Through My Goal program, the company will provide rewards to any DET employee who has achieved your personal health goal. For My Club program, like-minded DET employees can form a hobby club with support from the company. For more details, please read DET Line Post. I urge you to take full advantage of these programs.

Finally, I am proud to announce that DET’s effort in sustainable development has garnered recognitions from well-known international institutions. Since November 2020, DET became the only two Thai companies being added to the MSCI Global Standard Indexes by Morgan Stanley Capital International in recognition of excellent business performance.

In February 2021, DET won the prestigious S&P Global Sustainability Silver Award 2021 and became the only Thailand-based company in the “Electronic Equipment, Instruments & Components” sector of the Sustainability Yearbook 2021. Without your cooperation and participation, the company cannot become a smarter and greener organization.

For the remainder of 2021, I am confident we can weather another year of challenges if we work together with discipline, determination and dedication. I wish you all: 身體健康 strength and good health and 恭喜發財 wealth and prosperity for the Ox Year!

สวัสดีปีใหม่จีน ปีฉลู!

Yours sincerely,

Jackie Chang

Delta Electronics (Thailand) PCL.

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