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High Power Behind Cool Tech: Delta Thailand R&D Technology, Industry and Career Development Sharing

By Delta SEA HR - Published January 23, 2024

Image: Mr. Jakrapong Wongsasulux, Delta Thailand R&D Manager, (left)
and “Sunny” Amit Dubey, Delta SEA Recruitment Manager, (center) at Delta Thailand Head Office

In a special interview, we get the rare opportunity to delve into one of the most critical departments at Delta Thailand—Research and Development (R&D) Department. Delta Thailand’s R&D team, in collaboration with Delta SEA HR, recently participated in a Panel Session at the ITEC Asia Pacific event to share unique insights in elite engineering. So, what insights did Mr. Jakrapong Wongsasulux, Delta Thailand R&D Manager, and “Sunny” Amit Dubey, Delta SEA Recruitment Manager, give into this career path? Let's explore together…

Can you start by telling us a bit about yourself and your background?

Jakrapong: My name is Jakrapong Wongsasulux, R&D Manager for CDBU and IMBU at the Bangkok Design Center (BDC). Our team focuses on developing High Power Density Power Supply products for various applications such as AI datacenters, Networking, Telecom5G, Medical, and Industrial applications across the US, Europe, and more.

Sunny: My name is Sunny. I’m leading Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding for Delta SEA. I have a robust 12 years of track record, predominantly gained at an executive search firm. My expertise lies in identifying top-tier talent and cultivating strong employer branding to attract and retain exceptional talent across the regions. My main goal is to leverage my skills in contributing the organization goal success.

How did you feel when you joined this event?

Jakrapong: It’s always interesting to see some new innovative projects and have some good discussions with researchers from both the academic and industry sides.

Sunny: It was a great event. I and my team were able to explore the depth of the EV business market. We can understand the work that the global Delta R&D team is doing to make it better and to meet global consumer requirements. We came across many talents who are really working hard on projects for a better world. With this event, I firmly believe that we are moving towards achieving clean energy.

Could you share more about the specific project or work that you demonstrated at the event?

Jakrapong: Nowadays, emerging AI demands power aggressively. Therefore, power conversion technology is becoming more and more important. Our presentation is an overview of various high-power density technologies and includes a look into the challenges that the Power Supply Industry is facing.

Sunny: Our team was not directly involved in the project. We were there to understand the trends and talents in the market across the globe. We were gathering input from the leading professors and understanding the skills needed in this field. We have driven our branding in this event on the global stage by meeting professors, R&D engineers, PhD students etc.

What challenges did you encounter during your own career development journey, and how did you overcome them?

Jakrapong: The industry demands higher power than in the past, so it requires new technologies to support this requirement. Planning the right technology direction and executing efficiently is the key to winning in our business. Additionally, recruiting skilled engineers and developing their expertise is extremely valuable.

What do you think is the advantage of demonstrating your own project and publishing it for both the Thai and international industries?

Jakrapong: Nowadays, most people have the impression that there is only electronics production in Thailand but no R&D or product development. Therefore, by showcasing our power electronics technology, we hope to demonstrate the relevance of our work in modern technology and attract talented master's or Ph.D. students to join our team here in Thailand.

What inspired you to pursue this project or work?

Jakrapong: I would say the increasing demand from our customers for higher power density in applications like AI motivates us to constantly innovate and develop new technologies to meet their needs. Despite the challenges, the development process throughout our project is a good balance of both stressful and enjoyable sprints that provide us R&D engineers with continuous opportunities for learning and improvement.

Were there any role models or mentors who influenced your approach or mindset to R&D?

Jakrapong: I have amazing opportunities to work with a lot of great engineers from many locations around the world such as Germany, China, Taiwan the USA etc. It’s always fun to work with intelligent people. Technologies can become outdated one day but your working attitude and thought process can provide value for longer and become a habit for life. It’s not easy to say who is really my mentor now because I still have a lot of things to improve on.

Any suggestions for people who are interested in your field or want to join Delta?

Jakrapong: Power electronics may not sound so cool for the younger generation especially when compared with other emerging technologies like AI. However, what many people don’t know is that power electronics is the core infrastructure behind a lot of cool new technologies such as EVs, renewable energy and AI. EVs cannot run only with batteries, they also need efficient/compact inverters and DC/DC converters to work.

You also cannot run AI chips or Datacenters without efficient power. Delta, being one of the largest power electronics companies globally, offers exciting opportunities for those interested in supporting technology development. If you're intrigued, we welcome you to explore the possibilities at Delta!

Sunny: I would say, Delta is not a traditional company stuck in the old way of electronics manufacturing. Rather, we are a solution provider in the electronics industry with a wide range of products. We are providing solutions for the majority of the global issues we face. And we have a clear agenda in moving towards sustainability with clean energy.


Following our fascinating interview with a leader in the Delta Thailand R&D department, we've discovered that R&D plays a pivotal role in spearheading innovative solutions to human problems. Delta Thailand boasts an exceptional R&D team that focuses on human-centric design to address various issues.

As we learned from our passionate R&D Manager today, while power electronics might not sound super trendy to the next generation initially, embracing this foundational approach to career growth can be enjoyable if you open your mind to it!

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