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Delta Singapore Field Technicians Enjoy the Challenge of Problem-Solving for Customer Satisfaction

By Delta Singapore - Published November 08, 2023

Interview with Muhamad Sulaiman and Alex Sim, Field Service department at Delta Singapore

Welcome back to our interview series of Delta people on the field! In our previous interview, we met with Ms. Jasmine Chew, an administrative executive in the Field Service department for Delta Singapore. Today we talk with two technicians in the Field Service department at Delta Singapore – No matter how difficult the situation, they enjoy the challenge of problem-solving!

Hi! Can please you introduce yourself?

I am Alex Sim, and I'd like to introduce my colleague, Mr. Muhamad Sulaiman. We serve as repair technicians at Delta Singapore, operating within the Field Service department. Our primary role encompasses a range of critical functions, including online technical support and ensuring top-notch customer service.

Furthermore, we are entrusted with offering hands-on customer assistance, managing preventative maintenance, diagnosing technical challenges, identifying optimal solutions for our clients, and generating comprehensive and timely service reports.

Our work often involves meeting customers on-site, where our daily tasks primarily revolve around conducting preventative maintenance to guarantee the reliability and performance of the equipment, instilling confidence in our customers, and swiftly resolving any issues that may arise.

What does your work as a Technician in the Field Service department mean to you?

A service technician is a proficient professional in the field of service and repair, commonly referred to as field service. Their role involves traveling to the customer's location to address issues with machinery and aid clients in swiftly restoring equipment functionality, which is essential for the smooth operation of the organization.

Please define what good customer / good technician field service looks like.

Field Service Technicians are expected to be adaptable and responsive to customer feedback. Customers, in turn, should be more understanding of the practical challenges faced on-site and be open to various approaches that ensure exceptional customer service and foster enduring client relationships with a consistent positive impact.

In our view, exceptional customer service involves a comprehensive approach that encompasses diverse support and maintenance services. For instance, it involves enhancing the value for customers by devising support strategies that help them save money and providing alternative solutions tailored to their specific needs, recognizing that pricing is a critical consideration for clients. Customers seek greater value, improved service quality, and swifter responses.

Furthermore, proficient technicians need to possess an in-depth understanding of the products they service, be proficient in installation and troubleshooting, and demonstrate excellent communication skills. They should also handle customer interactions with professionalism and courtesy. Explaining intricate diagnostic processes for troubleshooting equipment, for instance, requires well-trained technicians who possess comprehensive knowledge about the equipment. To leave a strong and positive impression on customers, technicians must exude confidence, build trust, and execute their tasks flawlessly.

What is your most impressive story regarding their work scope in customer service/field service?

Alex's narrative takes us to a situation at a Singaporean company where various pieces of equipment were in use, some of which were not manufactured by Delta. Customers expected the technicians to possess comprehensive knowledge of every component within the PTU, despite Delta's involvement. During a testing phase, they encountered an issue with a part of the equipment that Delta hadn't produced.

This led to a moment of panic, as everyone resorted to frantic online searches and consultations for a solution. However, in the end, Alex's senior reassured them that it was natural for their product to face challenges, emphasizing that the key was how they responded to such incidents. They opted to focus on delivering impeccable service to the customer, with the belief that customer satisfaction hinged on their exemplary service, rather than the origin of the equipment.

Sulaiman shares a personal story from his initial month on the job. He recounted an experience when he accompanied senior colleagues for nighttime installations. Lacking knowledge about the product, his senior patiently and thoroughly explained every aspect, from start to finish. Even if Sulaiman didn't grasp a concept immediately, the senior persisted in explaining until he comprehended it entirely.

In this scenario, senior team members proved to be exceptionally supportive on the worksite, guiding Sulaiman through each project step. Moreover, his senior emphasized the significance of effectively communicating with customers. Sulaiman observed the senior's adeptness at building trust and rapport with customers, recognizing that interpersonal skills were often more valuable than technical prowess.

Please share an example of a challenging situation with customer services and how you can handle it.

In Alex's case, he faces a challenging situation when multiple schedules overlap, causing delays in reaching the site on time. Often, this results in having to manage the extra workload with specific time constraints. Balancing these competing demands can be quite demanding, as efficient time management becomes crucial.

To address this, Alex focuses on ensuring he communicates effectively with the customers, informing them of any delays and explaining the situation to build trust and maintain a positive customer relationship. He understands that clear and timely communication is key to gaining the customers' confidence in the organization.

Sulaiman, on the other hand, encounters one of the most challenging aspects of customer service when explaining technical products to customers who require a deeper understanding. These customers seek usage instructions and need a breakdown of the product's technical intricacies. Sulaiman recognizes the difficulty in conveying this information clearly, as customers may not possess a fundamental grasp of the product.

To overcome this challenge, Sulaiman adopts a patient and methodical approach. He dedicates 1-2 hours to educate customers about the electrical equipment, guiding them step by step through the product's core functions, ensuring that they grasp how to use it effectively. Sulaiman maintains a calm, pleasant, and deliberate communication style, focusing on simplifying complex concepts for the benefit of the customers.

What would you like to suggest for employees who are interested in customer service work?

If you're considering a role in Customer Service as a Technician, it's essential to recognize that your role goes beyond simply hearing customers; it involves actively listening to their needs and maintaining robust communication skills. Don't fret if you're unfamiliar with the products at first; experienced colleagues will provide guidance. However, it's crucial to be a quick learner, maintain a positive attitude, and possess a diverse skill set, including the ability to professionally and warmly manage customer relationships.

It may not always be easy, but it can be truly fulfilling. You may find that having multidisciplinary skills is an advantage, and being open-minded is key to representing the company effectively. You should also possess in-depth knowledge of your product. Even when customers identify weaknesses, your role is to convincingly communicate the product's benefits. In this line of work, building and nurturing relationships with people is paramount.

Finally, for those interested in Field Service, it's important to understand that some days may be strenuous. Still, with the strong team environment we've fostered at Delta Company, we believe you'll continue to find joy in your work. Accomplishment often comes from working alongside a competent support team.

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Wow, this article is aspirational and let me understand the Field Services jobs which is one of the key successful factors to establish the company branding and to earn the trust of our customers.


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We honor all the hard-working men and women who make our daily lives possible by keeping the power on and our building the products we use each day!

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