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Attention! Delta Thailand Women at Work Part 1

By David Nakayama - Published January 27, 2021

Interview with DET female production line workers
Text and photos by David Nakayama, DET Corp Comms

Every day thousands of women clock into their shift at Delta Electronics Thailand. These dedicated women play an outsized role in this nation’s electronics manufacturing industry with a hand in designing and building key parts inside our smartphones, laptops, routers and even EVs.

For many women at Delta, our factory provides much more than just a workplace. It’s a second home where they carve out a career, support their families and plan for a brighter future. In this special new series, we shine the spotlight on the brave women on the lines of Delta Production.

Today we talk to two of our veteran Production women, Ms. Nuchjaree Buriram and Ms. Laddawan Surichai (left to right in the above photo), about how they discovered their passion and built themselves a rewarding life while making Delta products for our customers on the line every day.

Can you tell us about your background and current role at Delta?Nuchjaree: I graduated high school in my hometown of Bueng Kan Province, Issan and joined my first and only company-Delta. I’ve stayed here for 11 years starting as an SMT line operator at Delta Plant 5 before moving to Automotive production at Delta Plant 1. I’ve advanced to become a line leader and now I also do production support with the line supervisors.

Laddawan: I came to Bangkok when I was 18 years old after finishing high school in my hometown Kalasin, Issan. For five years I cooked and sold Issan food like Somtum (green mango and papaya salad) and Gai Yang (grilled chicken) at a stall. I then joined Delta and have worked here for 26 years. I started as a line operator building transformers before moving to power supply production and am now a line leader and acting supervisor.

How did you join Delta, and what makes you stay here?

Laddawan: I never planned to stay so long at Delta but as after joining I found fulfilling work and a steady income to build a good life. I’ve stayed here because Delta is a sustainable company where I can support myself, my parents and my children.

My daughter recently graduated from Huachiew University and my son is in Assumption College. I like to do overtime work and have bought my own home and a car with the money I earned with my own two hands!

Delta also provides us with opportunities for career growth and training from operator to supervisor levels. We can always learn and advance with the company’s training system.

Nuchjaree: I came to Bangkok without any plans other than finding a job. At Theparak Road I saw crowds of Delta employees getting on and off company buses. Everyone told me Delta was a great place to work and so I left my job application at the gate of Delta Plant 5 and soon HR called me for an interview.

I’ve stayed with Delta because the benefits are good, the factory is sustainable and the company has a great reputation. I especially like the step-by-step job training here which makes me confident to succeed. I always take training seriously and review the operation instruction (OI) while applying practical knowledge on the job for continuous skill up.

Can you share more about your job, and what part of your work makes you most proud?

Nuchjaree: I’ve been an operator on every part of the line so I can support line teams of 6-7 operators and report to the line supervisor. My work involves the entire manufacturing process from PCB, insertion and assembly. We make Delta onboard charging modules and other parts for top global car manufacturers.

I also make documents for our production equipment and contact buyers for spare parts that we need on the line. I’m proud to serve our teams at Delta! Every day people come to me for help and I’m so happy that I can serve them. Every month I can send money to my family upcountry who are also proud of my success here.

Laddawan: I work at the new model pilot run line where production, design and engineering teams develop prototypes that we then push to our mass production lines. It’s an important but stressful job because of the pressure from our customers to deliver on product specs and fulfill orders according to our project timeline. If deadlines are overdue then I must clarify why and correct the situation. So I communicate all the time with many departments even outside our project team like Sales.

I’m proud to be involved in creating totally new products. I love creative work that’s different from the norm and I’m proud that Delta is the only one making these amazing products!

For me, the pilot run line team is the very heart of Delta’s production. If we don’t succeed we can’t distribute new models out to our other lines. This job is tough and hard and the pressure is huge but that’s exactly why it gives me so much pride.

What are your future plans and what is your advice for those looking to succeed and be happy at Delta Production?Laddawan: I plan to stay with Delta until I retire. I’m happy every day at my job and I want to make sure my children have what they need to be successful. We just recruited 20 new operators and I tell them to first concentrate on their work, pay attention to details and the OI. Follow our safety and company regulations because they are there to keep you healthy and happy.

When you first start at Delta, be patient. If you feel tired or unhappy you can discuss how to improve things with your supervisor. But remember, if you stick to the right things and good people you will eventually get rewarded. It may seem like a lot of pressure at first, but when you gain more skills you will become more confident in your ability to succeed.

Nuchjaree: I want to keep learning and getting new opportunities to advance my career at Delta. I plan to buy a house here in Samutprakarn. My boyfriend also works at Delta Plant 1 as a PM engineer, so we want to get married and settle here. I’ll also keep supporting my parents.

I advise my new Delta teammates to first focus on learning their job well and concentrate on their work. You will perform better in time. If you think about how to improve your work results, you’ll always find better ways to do your job and will be happier with fewer complaints and claims from your supervisor or customers.

What About YOU?

Are you a woman who wants to think independently, choose your own destiny and build a life you and your family can be proud of with your own two hands? At Delta, you'll find an equal opportunity workplace where every woman has the choice to build their own rewarding career. Contact our HR recruitment today to start developing your career and be part of our sustainability journey.

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