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Strength Training and Fitness: Strong Men and Women Lift Others Up!

By Delta Thailand - Published November 15, 2023

Nothing is more valuable than good health and family. At Delta, we have sports clubs and discounts for sports and fitness facilities for fun and health. We encourage everyone to join our Fitness Fans who are happy to include you in their active lifestyle. At the gym, you’ll find we don’t judge anyone who’s there to make some gains!

No matter what your age or level, you can start your wellness journey today. Let’s hear from some of our Delta folks who share their answers to some questions you may have about exercise and fitness:
• Why is weight training/exercise important for men and women of all ages?
• How can we begin weight training/exercise with basic exercises?
• What is your training routine and how do you stay motivated?
• What is a good diet for building muscle mass/losing weight?

Pramote Mora, DET IT

Weight training for strength is important for men and women to prevent injury especially as we age. Your time weight training also helps to relieve stress and relax your mind after a whole day working hard at your jobs.

When starting out on a training program we should contact a fitness trainer to give us some basic information and also learn some exercises from the internet and friend with more experience when working out together. Generally, we should have a partner to do exercises together. Your partner can give advice on our form, and we can help look out for each other to prevent any accidents when lifting. With a trusted spotter, we can dare to lift more weight with people looking out for us.

I don’t train weights every day but for sure I will hit the gym about 3-4 days a week. When we train continuously at a certain time our body and mind will get positively addicted to a fitness routine. A good trainer and gym classes like combat sports and bodybuilding classes are all there to help us stay motivated to JUST DO IT!

Gym training with weights is one of the most efficient exercise methods that will show your family how much you love yourself, how disciplined you are and how you treat other people in the gym. If we see people who aren’t able to lift or don’t know how to use some training equipment, we are all happy to help them. Our gym bros and gals aim to create a great community with the motto, “Strong people don’t let people down, they always LIFT people UP!”

It doesn’t matter who you are, a good figure is something money can’t buy. We need to train and build it by ourselves. The main purpose for healthy men and women doing strength training is to maintain strength and a good immune system, so losing weight may not be our main focus at the moment

Wantanee K, Delta Center Support

I think the goal of training is to be healthy for ourselves and our lovely families. In my case, I started by learning from a trainer for 20 hours in order to understand the concept of weight training and cardio training and understand muscle growth in order to avoid injury during our workout.

When I’m in the same environment with healthy people, it automatically helps me stay motivated. I try to balance both weight training and cardio and exercise 3-5 days a week.

Delta Thailand

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