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The Not So Normal New Normal

By KK Chong - Published July 15, 2020

Text by KK Chong, DET Corp Comms
Photos by Cholnatee Chiang

As Thailand is gradually opening up again with few to no reported local cases of COVID-19, train stations and traffic are getting back to the old normal. While I’m glad that there’s no more curfew and I can pop back into my favorite cocktail bars again, I kind of miss getting to work within forty-five minutes instead of well over an hour and boarding the train without rubbing shoulders with strangers during rush hour.

Now that F&B outlets are back in action in Bangkok, the most popular tourist destination in the world, the lack of tourists means I can easily hail a taxi anytime, get a seat at popular restaurants without weeks of waiting and chill out in cafes on a Saturday that used to be packed. Some days I kind of hope that life in the city will remain like this but I’m also well aware that my wish could become someone else’s suffering. This brings to mind the groundbreaking Korean movie, Parasite, which in my opinion gave the best life lesson on looking at society beyond our own reality.

There was a scene in Parasite when a heavy downpour flooded the semi-basement apartment (banjiha) of a family living on the poverty line. The rainstorm forced the family of four to evacuate to a community shelter while their tiny apartment is flooded with sewage. At the same time, another scene shows a wealthy household madam stepping out onto her massive lawn with arms wide open expressing her relief for the refreshing air brought by the heavy downpour. Those two scenes have effortlessly juxtaposed the class divide in our society and reminded me to count my blessings the next time I complain about my mundane life especially during a time when many are losing their jobs.

Although I still hope that the good things coming out of this pandemic like less air pollution will last, I am not complaining about the congested trains and am certainly looking forward to the return of tourists so that those in the tourist industry can get their jobs back. In short, I wish that the new normal will not become a normal of the bad things norms returning, I’m looking forward to a better new normal.

In this issue, I am excited to announce the release of the virtual reality 360-degree video created by our valued customer, Google Inc. This VR film highlights the excellent CSR work done by Delta Thailand for our employees and communities. We are also reaching out to our colleagues in Germany, India, Southeast and Asia Australia. Find out what it takes to lead Delta’s elite R&D engineers and delve into the mindset of an apex innovation leader in our exclusive interview with Mr. Andreas Kostrzewa, the new Managing Director of Delta Energy System in Germany in Up Close. If you are stuck at home due to WFH, why not try the delicious Czech Beef Goulash recipe from Karin, our colleague in Australia, in the Fun section. And for the first time, we are doing audio interviews with Delta’s unsung heroes, our operators and technicians.

We also get to find out how Delta India IABG head Manish about how Delta is supporting the country’s industry throughout the crisis in this interview in On Site and we get another On Site introduction of the vast and diverse Indonesian archipelago from our Delta Indonesia IABG colleague, Anton. Look out for more of such interviews and more in our coming issues. Wishing you a good week ahead

KK Chong

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KK Chong

Cliché inspirational quotes make me cringe while creative ideas and people inspire me. Love food, dogs, traveling and staying healthy. Not one who is contented to be marching on the same spot for too long, I am grateful for the many opportunities given to explore and learn new things in Delta since 2004. See you on LinkedIn  https://www.linkedin.com/in/chongkk/

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