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DET Voices #21 Work Better Together

By DET Corp Comms - Published April 11, 2024

At our factories with thousands of people on hundreds of teams, teamwork is important! Motivating everyone to work well together is the key to our success at Delta. So how can we work together better?

Recently, we held a fun poll and everyone shared some ideas for team-building activities for employee engagement. It was a big surprise to see how many great ideas you shared. One interesting thing we can see is that even small things like the right behavior and attitudes for people on the team can have a big impact on our motivation.  

To learn more from you, we have decided to invite our Delta Thailand teammates worker to share their opinions on the following questions:

1. Why is it important to have good relations with your work team?
2. How can we help to build a strong team together?
3. Who is your favorite teammate, and why?
4. What are some teambuilding actions or activities that you would like to have?

Suravud Thiengthaisong 

Relationships are an important starting point for person-to-person collaboration between individuals in each of our departments and organizations. Therefore, relationships are the key to developing and driving the work of our teams towards the goals set out. This is the meaning of the word "Teamwork". Therefore, I give importance and try to create good relationships between myself and my subordinates and co-workers at all times.

Building good relationships within a team is important for me, as a supervisor and someone responsible for many subordinates. I try to tell and teach all my subordinates how to work as a team. I have a principle that is, working together requires us to respect each other's rights. Let's reduce prejudice towards each other, don't discriminate against each other, don't use words that are not constructive or words that destroy the working atmosphere. We must praise each other and must respect each other

Actually, I have my favorite co-workers around me. Which can be said to be 360-degree teamwork. Above is my favorite supervisor. Left and right, there are also my great co-workers. It's not just the factory that I'm responsible for. But there are other places where we have strong relationships. We sometimes use this relationship to solve work problems that arise. And finally, below are the subordinates that I have. These are all people I admire every day I come to work.

The relationship-building activity that I do every day right now is Morning Talk (朝会 Asakai) with every one of my subordinates. It's how we give everyone the opportunity to share ideas and solve problems together. learn from each other and practice leadership and followership.

Karnchita Sanguannam 

Having a good relationship with the team allows us to achieve our goals as planned. If we don't have a good relationship within the team or various departments, we won't be able to achieve our goals.

How we build a strong team is to create goals for working as a team. Because if the team has the same goal it will be easy to work and can solve various problems in the same way. For example, setting KPIs, setting productivity targets, or even assigning them to production lines and supporting teams to achieve shared goals.

My favorite teammate is everyone in the department. Because everyone is important in making the department successful in doing the work we set out to do each year.

For activities to build up relationships, I want to organize a training activity about teamwork every year. Because it is an activity that can motivate everyone at every level.

Chen-Chung Hung

We spend a lot of time in the company. In our everyday lives, we are here for more than eight hours and this is actually even longer than when we stay at home. So our teammates are like our family. And then second is our company

Delta is big and naturally, we have lots of processes and there are so many teams to support our daily operations. So we cannot really know everything by ourselves even if we work for 10 years, or 20 years. So we need to rely on our team then in order to service and to satisfy our customers.

To build better relationships, I think the most important thing is listening and communication, because everyone from a different family, different education, and different background, so everyone will think in the different way. Every department has different KPIs and all those KPIs are for the company to have better growth and to satisfy our customers. So I think the most important is all the departments need to be very open-minded then to talk and to communicate. Solving the issue together then will be much more helpful.

Actually, this question is very difficult, I would like to say I love all my teammates and not only in DET6. I think in all the plants we have team members and work together. Especially, of course, I love my sales and the PN team because in order to fulfill our customer requests and in order to fulfill the company target, actually we always work day and night and then even sometimes weekends. But we are all happy then to do that because we know that customer will also be happy.

This year. I think DET management arranged a very good activity called Cohesion Camp and all the team members got together then in order to work out how to achieve the company KPI. So I think this is something actually I also like to do but it might not be the so big one but for our small team like our sales and PN team then we can also do something like coaching.

Therefore, to align our consensus, I think we will be good to develop a kind of platform for this platform and then let our team members share about their job and their daily lives. So actually we are trying to arrange something like a Marathon and a Badminton Club. So we are encouraging our team members to join that to change themselves for good health. I think this is something we try to find each other to do together.

Patarawan Janaup

If you ask me why there is a need to have good relationships within the team? I would say, that having a good team helps increase work efficiency. Whether it is being able to solve problems on-site quickly and being able to work according to daily production targets.

The way to build relationships in a team is to communicate so that everyone understands. Solve problems thoroughly If there is a problem in the production line, we have to go in and look at it and fix and improve the stuck parts to make it easier for the production line members to work.

My favorite teammates are the Operators on the Line because everyone can take on their responsibilities very well. Also, the Line Leaders because everyone helps work together and solve problems. If the Production Line has a problem not only your Line Leaders can solve problems but you can get help from every Line on the shop floor.

For ways to build relationships within the team, personally, I would like prizes to be given out regarding 5S. I would like prizes to be given out to Production Lines that can reduce the amount of scrap work as an incentive for the youngsters. Finally, I would like to organize training for employees at all levels to strengthen relationships every year.

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