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DET Voices #22 Celebrating a Career and Life at Work on Labor Day!

By DET Corp Comms - Published June 06, 2024

Labor Day commemorates the importance of workers who play a role in driving society and developing the economy. We fight to increase opportunities for career development and improve working conditions to create a sustainable economy with mutual benefits for all.

In 2024, Delta Thailand entered its 35th year and we had the opportunity to talk and hear the opinions and experiences of our people who have helped build up Delta from its founding. What makes employees last at Delta? Let's listen to their voices together as they answer the following questions:

1. What are the most important way workers are contributing to society?
2. Why do you come to work each day?
3. What about your work makes you most proud?
4. What future do you want to build with your work?

Ms. Sakorn Prasertsantisuk

Hello, I am Sakorn Prasertsantisuk. I work at the Warehouse Center at Delta. This year is my 35th year at the company. Nowadays, we are happy to help society, dedicating our physical and mental strength to reducing social problems as well. Currently, a social problem that we can easily solve is separating garbage. Don’t throw garbage into the river and reduce water use to conserve energy. We can turn off the water and the lights in our workplace, which helps make our society better. If every employee is aware of their participation, it will make society a better place to live in forever.

My motivation to come to work every day is firstly my supervisor. Because my supervisor will understand us and assign appropriate work. Second, co-workers are important. To work, we must have co-workers because we cannot succeed alone. The most important thing for a company is the employees because we work together as brothers and sisters. If there is any challenge, we must help each other. We shouldn’t have to worry about going home and bringing back problems from work. If so, then tomorrow we won't want to come to work. So, we have to help each other. Third, is management. At present, we are taking good care of our employees and continually improving the workplace. This makes us want to come to work every day. Most importantly, we ourselves must love the work that we do and then we must complete our work. We must be honest, work honestly and love our team very much.

When we do good things in our work then we will receive good things in return. Whether it's a compliment from bosses or from co-workers. It makes us proud of the work we do and feel that we can be successful. All this is considered as our pride in the job.

Delta currently is using many technologies such as AI and Big Data. We have to develop and learn to use them. In order for us to survive in our work without problems, we must practice diligently and learn more. Be patient and diligent to make your work successful.

Ms. Pecharat Nuchkhum

I believe the company should create content that educates the younger generation. By instilling values such as discipline, patience, and unity, and by encouraging them to work towards a better future and actively participate in societal improvement, we can drive meaningful change over time. These efforts won't yield results overnight, but they will be crucial in shaping a brighter future.

Receiving praise from bosses and colleagues is a significant motivator for me. Witnessing the team's success and unity brings a sense of accomplishment that goes beyond the job description. It's an intangible reward that greatly enhances my job satisfaction.

I'm most proud of the work where I've learned and gained experience for myself. And being able to share my knowledge and experience with my subordinates. Helping them to excel and perhaps even surpass me, is incredibly fulfilling.

My primary goal is to continue learning and growing with the company. I'm committed to embracing new challenges and collaborating with the team to achieve the company's objectives.

Ms. Chantra Kornsub

Hello, my name is Chantha Kornsap. I work in the CDB department in the role of Production Coordinator (PC). This year I have worked for 35 years at Delta. Delta has several CSR programs, but not all employees can participate. However, we can still contribute indirectly.

If we can satisfy our customers and executives, they will decide to invest even more in Delta. For us as employees, we are able to partake in the distribution of wealth by spending our income in our communities. For example, if we have increased job income we can go buy food or shop locally. We can also send money back to our parents that will benefit our hometowns. Therefore, we can help distribute income to surrounding communities, making them have more income. and support the development of society for the better. This is one way working makes our community better.

For me, it's a matter of responsibility. I'm a PC and I take responsibility for the younger teammates in the production line so that they have work to do every day. If you make a mistake in planning the work then they will have no work to do and no overtime (OT). Then, customers aren’t satisfied, and orders will be lost. Therefore, my responsibility is to ensure that the young employees have work to do every day.

Being a PC is my pride. I am proud of this role because I have worked in it for more than 30 years and because I am a part of Delta. I am one of the people that made this company grow to where it is today.

Now I plan to revitalize the role of PC for the young generation because in the future I will have to retire. I want our younger PCs to gain the most experience or knowledge from me so that they can apply it in the right way and better develop their careers.

Ms. Urai Seelacote

Hello, I am Urai Seelacote from the PMC PSB1 department at Delta Plant 4. I have 34 years of work experience and am entering my 35th year at the end of this year. In my opinion, Delta already has a good CSR team and regularly supports society. The important thing that I would like to add is to support clean energy. This means that I would like there to be more support for the use of solar cells or the use of electricity to replace oil in order to promote a better environment for the general public.

My motivation to come to work every day is having good colleagues around me. Here we have work that is always challenging and that can help our organization achieve success and unity.

My greatest pride is when my boss assigned me to meet with customers in China for 10 days. Another one of the most important tasks for me was to work in India for three months. I am proud to have the opportunity to pass on my experience to the younger generation. I hope to show a correct and better direction to them.

We usually have a regular daily work schedule. We will keep a record of what we did today and ask our team: Is it good or not? If there is still a problem, I will prioritize the urgent work to be completed within the specified time. If I encounter another problem, I will try to find a way to handle it as soon as possible.

Finally, I would like to thank Delta for being like a second home where I have lived in peace for 35 years. Thank you from my heart.

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