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DET Voices #19 Live Healthy, Live Well!

By Delta Thailand - Published November 15, 2023

When we talk about sustainability, we often think about preserving our environment for future generations. However, love starts with us and at home with good health and a happy life. The choices we make each day make a big difference in our quality of life and even our lifespan. Therefore, personal sustainability can be simple enjoying more happy years on this earth with our children.

We all want a healthy body and peace of mind, but do we have the commitment to set the right habits for a good life? This includes taking care to have a healthy diet and avoiding harmful substances and dangerous activities. By taking care or ourselves, we can spend more time with our families and provide a better future for them.

In our healthy living special of DET Voices, we hear the thoughts of four Delta Thailand frontline workers who answer the following questions:

1. Why are a good diet and healthy habits so important for our happiness?
2. What is the special superfood you use to stay healthy, and how has it changed your life?
3. What are ways you like to stay active, and what are your top fitness goals now?
4. How do you help your family and friends stay healthy, and what are your top tips for life-long health?

Songkhram Harnta

In my view, being healthy means having the energy to work and live each day. Energy comes from food, therefore, choosing good food is something that directly affects our health. Choosing good food indicates we are in the habit of taking care of ourselves. Choosing what is good for ourselves will make us happy.

Actually, I like traditional Northern Thai food. Because I'm from the North. But when I came to live in the city (of Bangkok), I had to adapt to urban society. However, I try to eat food that has a lot of vegetables that help boost my metabolism, control weight and prevent various diseases as recommended by experts. This really changed my life. Because in the past I was not in good health. But when I tried to avoid eating fast food and choose to eat quality food my health changed a lot for the better.

Normally, I'm an active person. If I work for a long time, I get tired. My way of dealing with this is to get up from the table and move my body. If not, I will stretch my body at my desk using simple movements which I learned from various video clips. I also started running marathons many years ago. My goal is to help everyone open their minds to try out running in a marathon.

In the past, I was often sick, and my family would come to take care of me. Sometimes I even thought I was a burden to my family. So, I changed my eating habits. I chose good food and exercised. When I started exercising, I went alone. Then I began to invite my family to exercise by running marathons together.

The secret to good health is to choose the right foods to eat. Sometimes we eat fast food if we have no choice, but if we can choose, we try to buy ingredients to cook for ourselves. It not only helps with our health but also helps with our family relationships. Everyone has probably heard the slogan: “Good health is not for sale. If you want it, you have to exercise yourself.” Exercise helps us to have good health throughout our lives.

Anothai Kanpein

When we eat good food, it brings good benefits to our body and health. Healthy habits are also related to eating good food.

I don't have a particular favorite food. But I will choose to eat stewed, boiled, or steamed foods and try to reduce fried foods for health benefits.

My way to stay active is to get enough rest and exercise regularly. My favorite form of exercise is running after work. It helps me feel relaxed and energetic after. I don't have to drink coffee to give me the energy to work.

So, how can we help people around us to have good health? First of all, we should show that we are in good health ourselves. Then we can tell other people to follow our practices. The secret to good health is that we have to be disciplined and consistent in what we are doing each day.

Kitithat Thippayachan

Taking care of our physical health means eating and exercising properly. When we are healthy and free from disease, it will make us and those around us happy. Because the worries of those around you will disappear when you are content.

My favorite food is clean food. That is boiled or non-fried food such as grilled chicken breast salad or steak. I like to eat this. Eating good, nutritious food can change my life and I can feel the changes in my body. I can exercise harder for longer than before. I have better mental health and feel better. I am not easily irritated and can be more focused.

I am a person who likes to exercise every evening. I play basketball regularly with my friends. This makes it feel like exercising without having to be forced to do it. Exercise is part of my passion as well. My goal in the past was to control my weight but now it is about maintaining good physical health and good mental health and preventing illnesses.

First of all, when we exercise, we want others to be able to see how our physical health changes. Then gradually invite him to exercise together. My secret to good health is regular exercise. Don't overdo it. Eat what you want from time to time. And party a little but exercise a lot.

Chutchai Komrakul Na Nakorn

I think that when we eat good food, it will result in good health and give us the energy to do what makes us happy or what we like doing.

There may not be any healthy foods that are especially appealing to me. Because most of the food that I like is often not good for my health. Anyway, from my point of view, we may have to choose to eat food that is healthier. This creates discipline in eating habits. This will result in better physical and mental health. People around me can see the change and they will want to take care of their health more too.

How to keep yourself active? I just tried to improve on this as well. Because personally, I have a slightly short attention span. I would like to concentrate more and be more energetic. So, I use the Pomodoro Method, which is dividing a small session into 25 minutes of work and then taking a 5-minute break. I then do this in a loop for four rounds. After that, I take a long break of 15 to 20 minutes. This method gives me focus, increases my energy and increases my work efficiency overall.

You can try using this method or something else if it doesn't work for you personally. As for my goals in exercising, I've only recently started working here, so I consider that exercising at least twice a week will be good enough.

I believe that good health starts with ourselves. If we intend to change ourselves first. Then the people around us will begin to see the change. It may result in them wanting to change. Wanting to have better health comes from the inside out. Because if not then we are just going to invite someone to do an activity they may not enjoy.

As for the tips for good health, I just eat healthy food, get enough rest, exercise regularly and drink lots of water. I can adjust my lifestyle for good mental health and use meditation to not get too stressed.

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