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Delta Vietnam Unites at Team Building Activity in Danang

By Delta Vietnam - Published January 16, 2024

Delta Vietnam members joined the annual team-building activity at DaNang City this year. DaNang City is in the center of Vietnam so our teams in the South and the North can easily meet together here.

We all enjoyed a few days together to train about Delta’s latest development trends and update Delta’s employee skills as well as take part in many interesting team activities.

At this year’s event, Tony Meng, Delta Vietnam Country Manager, opened with a presentation of the 2024 Business Plan and Targets for the country to synchronize the Vietnam team’s direction. Here, Tony discussed with all team members on the importance of the Delta solution business and the strong synergy between the CIS and IA team for better capability in the solution business.

He also shared the company’s overall direction towards digital transformation, such as CRM, solution sales platform, and Power BI. This will benefit all members of the team in all roles from sales to engineering and even administration.

After the presentation, all the team members were invited to share their opinions and ideas in an informal “Coffee Talk” feedback session. Finally, everyone enjoyed some interactive team-building activities to get to understand and be closer to each other.

Some of the feedbacks from our team this year were:

“It was a good activity to have as all the team members joined together to share their experiences and discuss how the IA team and CIS team work together as one Delta team.”

“Our new staff are excited to understand more about the Delta culture and learn from the experiences of the team. They are glad to join Delta and grow with Delta.”

“Son and Tien from the Delta Vietnam CIS team shared their experiences about the CRM and solution project code they built to let our new team members more easily adopt the digital transformation at our company.”

The Delta Vietnam annual team-building activities are very useful meetings to get everyone to work more closely and have a better understanding of each other.

We hope to create a high level of teamwork spirit for greater future growth!

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