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Delta Thailand Receives Thaipat Institute Sustainability Disclosure Award 2023

By Delta Thailand - Published January 16, 2024

Bangkok, Thailand, December 26, 2023– Delta Thailand received the Thaipat Institute Sustainability Disclosure Award 2023 for the sixth consecutive year in recognition of its excellent public disclosure of company performances and coverage of its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) aspects in the 2023 Delta Thailand Sustainability Report.

Ms. Aonthip Aorthong, Delta Sustainable Development Manager, represented Delta to receive the award from the Thaipat Institute. “Delta is honored to receive another Sustainability Disclosure Award from Thaipat Institute this year. This is a testament to the company’s commitment to a sustainable development strategy that includes excellent disclosure and engagement with all stakeholders. We thank management and everyone involved in the disclosure process for their contribution.”

In 2023, Delta was one of the 54 organizations that received the Sustainability Disclosure Awards. In addition, 50 companies received Sustainability Disclosure Recognitions and 28 companies received Sustainability Disclosure Acknowledgements.

The criteria for the Sustainability Disclosure referenced from Ceres-ACCA * are: integrity. (Completeness) of content, weight, 45% score on reliability. (Credibility) of content weight 35% score in communication and presentation. (Communication) content weight of score 20%, respectively.

Since its launch, Delta has been on every one of Thaipat Institute’s annual lists for the most outstanding ESG performers on the Thai stock market. Delta’s consistent recognition results from an effective sustainable development strategy and excellent value-add for investors and stakeholders.

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