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Delta Thailand President Message: Continuous Improvement for a Happy Life

By Delta Electronics (Thailand) PCL. - Published September 10, 2023

Dear DET Family,

I hope you are all healthy and happy as we look forward to the end of the rainy season and brighter days ahead. Although we have had a couple strong rains, our teams have gotten together to make sure everyone and their vehicles were safe.

This month, we also had our annual health checkups at our factories. I hope you had good results and are happy about your health. But remember that good health starts with the right habits and choices every day. You will see that a healthy body and mind will allow you to fully enjoy your life and help you build better memories together with your family.

Recently, we also had a lot more regional training events organized by HR. Delta leaders from Southeast Asia and Australia have come to Thailand to share their experiences with sales teams and our Taiwan global has also come to support training for managers in media PR and recruitment to our international talent program.

At Delta, we are always preparing to progress to the next level so please take the opportunity to join the various training events that are applicable to you in person or online to improve your work skills.

Additionally, beyond job-related training, there are all sorts of activities for your self-improvement and hobby. This includes Chinese language and culture classes, Delta My Club and Kanom Talk with managers at all plants. You can even win vouchers or incentives for your suggestions for manufacturing process improvement of the Delta Idea Pool. Please look out for more information on the official Delta Thailand Line Group or check with HR and ER to find out how to take part and help make Delta a better place.

I also want to thank all the Delta teams involved in our success at the ASEAN Sustainability Energy Week in Thailand and Marvex in Malaysia. We had a lot of interest from the industry and our customers were excited to learn about our new solutions to support EV charging. This includes energy storage systems and building energy management.

In this issue, I would like to invite our CHRO to share a message:

Mr. CH Huang, Delta SEA CHRO
“Dear all, did you ever wonder why we consider employee engagement so important at Delta? Well, it's because companies with high employee engagement levels in various aspects such as collaboration, strategic planning, business execution, problem analysis and resolution, annual performance, and employee retention, far surpass those with lower engagement levels.

Therefore, we thank all colleagues who participated in the 2023 Employee Engagement Survey. What we are doing is:

Firstly, following the survey result, our actions have been ongoing since the beginning of the year till now. This includes initiatives like our President Jackie shared: Khanom talk and various sports activities. We will be sure to continue this effort.

Secondly, we value your feedback. If they work, we will quickly implement the suggested changes and let you know the results. If it's not feasible, we will share the reasons or challenges we face to gain your understanding.

Thirdly, we view employee engagement as a long-term “Continuous Improvement Project”. We take all your feedback and ideas seriously and allocate appropriate resources to improve the work environment. This manifests Delta's commitment to sustainability in talent development and the work environment.

Most importantly, having a team of highly engaged colleagues around you makes work smoother and more enjoyable and adds excitement and vitality to the workplace.

Let's continue to implement the employee engagement improvement plan together!”

With so many opportunities to learn inside the company and at industry events, you can challenge yourself to upgrade your job skills and improve your performance. I hope everyone at Delta can see the benefits of continuous improvement in their career and their life.

Yours sincerely,
Jackie Chang
Delta Electronics (Thailand) PCL.

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Mr.Watthanapol Wongeim   September 14, 2023 at 13:48:39 pm

I want to have a lot of green space. and emphasize traffic safety


admin   October 02, 2023 at 17:15:52 pm

Thank you for your feedback and great suggestions!

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