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Delta Thailand President Message: Celebrating Thailand’s Colorful Diversity and Sustainability

By Delta Electronics (Thailand) PCL. - Published July 19, 2023

Dear DET Family,

For the third year, Delta Thailand is celebrating unity through diversity with our Pride Month and Thai culture promotion activities in June. We are proud to be a colorful and growing Thai company. We are also proud of the progress you have been making to upskill.

In 2022, our people had nearly doubled the average training hours per employee compared with 2021. In addition to your commitment, progress is made possible with more internal courses and online programs designed to help with your upskilling journey.

Recently, I was proud and delighted to showcase Thailand’s first 8K documentary produced by Delta Thailand and screened with Delta 8K projector at the screening event we held at Central World Shopping Center.

I not only enjoyed the amazing documentaries of Thai culture and nature, but I was also able to represent Delta to donate to a reforestation project by Central Pattana and the Royal Forest Department in Thailand.

And I hope you are proud too to know that the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has given its endorsement to our 8K film. You can watch the full 4K version below.

On manpower enhancement, Delta Thailand is proactively engaging with young talents to support our fast growth. In 2022, we added over 4,000 full-time hires to our workforce and I am heartened to see many positive news indicating there are many Thais hoping to get a job in Delta.

Despite the encouraging progress in our focus on the company’s expansion, somehow there are still many mainstream media who are talking about the current stock market drama. You may also have questions about this so I would like to remind everyone that Delta Thailand is here to make a lasting impact in society and make a better future for you and your families. The ups and downs of the stock market are beyond our control and are not our focus or concern. Our company’s long-term success through sustainable development is always our number one priority.

Another issue that was recently brought to my attention is the unauthorized sales of merchandise with the Delta logo. Please be informed that DET has not authorized any third party to sell such merchandise. Up until now, you will only receive merchandise with the Delta logo as a souvenir or gift for special occasions like our New Year Party. Therefore, if you come across the unauthorized sale of such merchandise, I urge you to report it to whistleblow@deltathailand.com or feedback via the DET Employee Line channel.

In addition, our Facility Team has successfully completed a renovation project at our head office at Plant 5 so now you can check in every day at a new gate which is under our new communications facility building. We also have some activities like Khanom Talk where you can meet your managers and have a chat with snacks. You can also join the My Club to find other workmates to form a hobby club or enjoy sports with.

Finally, I am excited to announce that Delta joined other top companies in the #ChoiceisYours project led by BMW Group Thailand. This is a contest for Thai students to propose solutions for the circular economy and winners can intern at a sponsor company. You can read more about it in our 360 magazine.

Please stay tuned on this new project and our 2023 Delta Angel Fund to see the amazing potential of our future generation.

Yours sincerely,

Jackie Chang

Delta Electronics (Thailand) PCL.

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