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360 Magazine One Year Anniversary

By KK Chong - Published January 29, 2021

Illustration by Chernika Lam, DET Corp Comms
Text by KK Chong and David Nakayama, DET Corp Comms

It’s already one year since the publication of the very first issue of our 360 magazine. Although the magazine took the team just over two months to materialize, it wouldn’t have been possible without the participation from our Delta family from Southeast Asia, India, Australia and even Europe.

The team wanted to produce an employee magazine that is fun, casual and something people actually want to read and easily accessible. This means that the editorial team has to create contents not from our perspectives but from the readers’ perspective; put it on a responsive internet platform that is equally attractive on laptop and mobile; accessible to every single employee including our frontline workers; provide rich contents which are not already on our website; and most of all provide a platform for our regional Delta family to get to know each other better from our management to our hardworking operators. Consequently, we’ve set a clear objective for the magazine- to provide useful Delta insights for Delta employees from India, SEA and Australia. It shall be a magazine that employees will look forward to.

Like every great project, if I may say so, it must start with a meaningful name. Thus when the team set out to find that perfect name, we’ve shortlisted several interesting ones as illustrated in above. We’ve eventually settled for 360. In case you’ve missed the meaning behind the name as explained in Hello from our first issue, it is meant to refer to an endless loop of engaging you and interacting with you. We also want to cover a 360 degree spectrum of life in Delta from your perspectives, around your region and occasionally across the globe.

In this special jumbo 1-Year Anniversary issue of 360, we celebrate YOU our dedicated Delta family and shine the spotlight on our brave women and leaders in DET Production! In the Focus section we hear the story of how two Delta women worked their way up from operator to become valuable leaders on our lines and make their families proud. We also feature a local startup CEO who shares how the Delta Angel Fund is changing the lives of Thai entrepreneurs and supporting Thailand’s innovation.

The Up Close section, introduces Roger Lu, Delta Thailand Production Director, who shares insights from his lifetime career in Delta manufacturing and discusses DET’s role in Delta global production, how to protect our people and be a great factory leader.

You won’t want to miss the On-site section, where we hear straight from our women on the factory floor who talk about life choices that lead to happiness in our 4th DET Voices. We also go over to our Delta Myanmar factory to see how they are fighting every day to protect our Delta family in Myanmar from COVIDIn Australia, we follow our intrepid PVI business director on a desert adventure to meet happy customers. At DET, our IA team teaches us how to easily make a product web event and the Comms team gives us a look at how they made an original local product video series.

The Our Success section gives details about how DET entered the MSCI Global Standard Index and signed a new MOU with Thailand Provincial Electricity Authority and Mitsubishi Motors Thailand for EV charging solutionsDET Energy Team won the ASEAN Energy Award 2020 for their energy-saving project in Delta Plant 6 and the DET HR won the World HRD Congress Thailand Best Employer Brand Awards 2021. Meanwhile, Delta India won the Technology Innovation of the Year at 4th IESA for their Microgrid Plant Controller.

The CSR section features our SD manager who gives an in-depth explanation of what Sustainable Development means for DET and how you can take part. Our HR team shares all the ways you’ve helped our communities and made a difference throughout the pandemic. We also share how your shares of our DET holiday e-card campaign helps uplifts a local community center.

Hotspots in this issue include a tuk-tuk ride through the dazzling ancient Siam capital of Ayutthaya and a private foodie tour of the 2nd largest city in Taiwan-Taichung. For the Fun section we invite you to join the 2nd 360 Quiz and win a prize!

As we enter 2021, on behalf of our 360 editorial team, I would like to thank you for being a part of our amazing 1-year journey and invite you to join in on the conversation for a better tomorrow at Delta.

Here’s to another awesome year together!

KK Chong

About the Author (Editorial Team)

KK Chong

Cliché inspirational quotes make me cringe while creative ideas and people inspire me. Love food, dogs, traveling and staying healthy. Not one who is contented to be marching on the same spot for too long, I am grateful for the many opportunities given to explore and learn new things in Delta since 2004. See you on LinkedIn  https://www.linkedin.com/in/chongkk/

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