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Paying Tribute to Our Incredible Women

By KK Chong and David Nakayama - Published March 18, 2021

Text by KK Chong and David Nakayama, DET Corp Comm

Did you know that in Delta Thailand, 93% of our production workforce and 70% of our supply chain management workforce are women? It is also a known fact in first world countries that many domestic helpers are women who come from developing countries in search of better income to provide for the families.

However, a 2019 study by S&P Global Market Intelligence also found that public companies with women as CEOs or CFOs are often more profitable and have better stock price performance than many of the companies with men in these positions.

All these facts prove that women can do anything and are no less capable than men in leading a family, team or company. Yet despite their personal sacrifices and real contributions to the global economy, women still have to bear the brunt of many social stigmas due to superstitious beliefs and outdated yet deep-rooted reactionary "traditions".

And to all the men out there who think that such narratives are overblown, please watch this social experiment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjJQBjWYDTs

Therefore, in this issue of 360, in addition to welcoming the year of the Ox, we also celebrate our empowered Delta women on International Women’s Day! 

In the Focus section, we hear two Delta women leaders in Production share their unique stories in Part 2 of our DET Women at Work series. We also bring you the amazing story of our small but powerful charger brand-Innergie.

In the Up Close section, Curtis Ku, Delta Thailand Regional Business Director, shares how he draws on his decades-long career in DET to build the Delta brand in Thailand. The On-site section features the RD Musings of Delta India mastermind M.S. Taha and a special Women’s Day interview with Delta SEA CHRO Sherry Lin.

In our 5th DET Voices, four DET women in Engineering, Production and Admin talk frankly about how they want to make a more equal workplace and society for women. Other Deltans in our On-site section, are DET Sales Director Benjamin Tan who shares great tips on how to use LinkedIn to boost your sales networking and Mohamed Bin Noordin introduces our all-new SEA IT team by Delta Singapore.

The Our Success section celebrates DET’s S&P Global Silver Award 2021 and Delta India’s CIS Teams latest UPS launch. In the CSR section, we continue to explore SD at DET with a look at how our SD manager Aonthip leads her team to measure our sustainability. Our HR team also updates us on our new COVID prevention and traffic safety drive.

In our Hotspots section, Reece Davis from Delta Australia proudly presents his beautiful Maori homeland Kawhia Moana. We also enjoy day trips in Bangkok’s gourmet paradise Chinatown and the peaceful Taichung in Taiwan. In the Fun section, Genalyn Llorando from Delta Philippines shares the story and recipe of the world-famous Filipino dish-Adobo and we bring you Six Lucky Chinese New Year Fun Facts that Ah Mah or Ah Gong never told you.

Finally, DET President Jackie Chang ushers in the year of the Ox with the latest updates and greetings in Townhall.

From all of us at the DET 360 team: Happy Women’s Day and Have a Safe, Healthy and Prosperous Year of the Ox!

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KK Chong and David Nakayama

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